$10 Mail-in Rebate* on the purchase and installation of a GM OE or ACDelco Engine air filter

January 11, 2019


Professional Grade is only as good as what goes into your vehicle—or in this case, what stays out. Learn how engine air filters directly affect your vehicle’s performance.

Gasoline isn’t the only thing keeping your vehicle powering through. It also needs clean air in the mix so it can deliver unrelenting performance and stay strong for the road ahead. Air often has dirt and debris in it; engine air filters help filter it out before the air enters the engine, allowing your vehicle to continue raising the bar and your expectations.

How Does It Work?

Having a clean engine air filter in your GM helps bring a bold statement to the road through your vehicle’s performance. For your vehicle to deliver that performance, your filter helps prevent contaminants from getting into your GM’s engine when it’s taking in air.

Pollutants are always in the air, but a proper engine air filter helps block them by using a quality element to trap the dirt from making its way into your engine. A quality engine air filter can help prevent premature engine wear, allowing your vehicle to stay true to its higher standard.

Signs of Performance

To keep your GM performing as it was meant to, be sure to look out for signs that your engine air filter has done its job but needs to be replaced. If you notice your engine not delivering optimal performance because of a dirty engine air filter, it may cause your vehicle to have:

  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Reduced power
  • Reduced acceleration
  • Your "Check Engine" light illuminate

When to Change

It is vital for your vehicle to have its engine air filter changed regularly. However, depending on how often you drive your vehicle, in addition to the make and model year of your GMC, when to change your engine air filter can differ from vehicle to vehicle. Refer to your owner’s manual as every vehicle may differ. However, typically engine air filters are changed every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. If you’re driving in dusty conditions, inspect the filter at each oil change or as often as needed.

Visit the Certified Service experts at your local GMC dealer for a scheduled maintenance check. Making sure your engine air filter is in good shape is part of our routine maintenance visit, where expert technicians perform a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. It’s just another way your GMC stays nothing less than Professional Grade.