103-Dr. Jeff Podcast: Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology Dept. of Biological Sciences Idaho State University

- Private group -
September 29, 2021

Dr. Jeff shares sasquatch stories about determining average height, eating habits and food availability,  Sasquatch Scat (4:02), meat eating evidence, aggressive behaviors, possible discovery of a homesite, hair having no medulla  (36:53), tracking seasonal movement and repeat appearances, Bigfoot Field Research Organization certified curiators validating footprints, why there has not been a Sasquatch body found (1:06:23), determining life expectancy, the term “Missing Link” being a misnomer, cognitive function and expression (1:43:26),  Patterson and Gimlin video evidence, why he believes the film is real, testicales proving a lack of male competition, finding footprints and evidence of baby footprints (2:18:30)

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