106-Dominic Podcast: Punk Singer, Building an Excavation Business, Married to a Chess Master, Fellow Podcaster, JNCO Wearer

September 23, 2021

Dominic shares stories about growing up on a farm, pop punk rocking in the late 90’s, meeting his wife, falling in love, similarities between Music and Construction business (4:18), selling merch, emo boys connecting with the music, classic story of being discovered, 1st coachella experience (37:55), moving to Oregon with a model, touring straining their relationship, overcoming typical touring obstacles (1:13:20), the end of his touring days and embracing being a homebody, wondering why people can’t get along, his “Best 1st for Last” hearing punk drums at a buddies house and falling in love with the genre  (1:58:06)


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