The 10th Commandment, "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's....anything" at Unity of Rehoboth Beach

March 20, 2018

Story Location:
98 Rudder Road
Ste. 1-A
Millsboro  Delaware  19966
United States

We certainly have taken LENT = Let's Embrace New Thinking to heart, haven't we?

But we conclude our discussion of the "10 words", or the 10 Commandments this Sunday with "Thou shall not covet ..thy neighbor's wife, husband, man or maid servant, house...." you get the idea. We are not to look lustfully onto anything that is not ours. And we have already discussed what is ours and what isn't by our consciousness when we looked at stealing.

So, covet-ness should be just as interesting. And from all the angles we have been using so far....Commitment, Challenge and Laws.... It has been an educational trip these ten weeks.

Join the Unity Community as we conclude our Lenten Series and lokk forward to Easter. We meet at 10 AM at the Unity Spiritual Center, 98 Rudder Road, Millsboro. You can find us just off Long Neck Road in the plaza in front of the Sea Esta Motel.

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