111-Trey Podcast: United State Special Forces Sergeant, Weapons Squadron Medic, Alligator Wrestler, Has 20 Nicknames, Competitive Shooter, Not About Thursday Nights in Afghanistan

- Private group -
September 29, 2021

Trey shares stories about his family’s influence on him enlisting, military experience, military medical training with a focus on battlefield trauma, resistance technique training  (0:00), preparing for deployment, team roles during deployment in Afghanistan, adjusting to Afghan culture, experiencing live fire, first mission as a rear gunner not living up to his expectations (57:14), seasons affecting combat, motors being his favorite, coping with being in a firefight and coming back to the USA, being a private security contractor for diplomats in baghdad (1:44:30), “Best 1st for Last” wrestling an alligator to save his doge in a target retention pond.

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