111-Trey Podcast: United State Special Forces Sergeant, Weapons Squadron Medic, Alligator Wrestler, Has 20 Nicknames, Competitive Shooter, Not About Thursday Nights in Afghanistan

September 29, 2021

Trey shares stories about his family’s influence on him enlisting, military experience, military medical training with a focus on battlefield trauma, resistance technique training  (0:00), preparing for deployment, team roles during deployment in Afghanistan, adjusting to Afghan culture, experiencing live fire, first mission as a rear gunner not living up to his expectations (57:14), seasons affecting combat, motors being his favorite, coping with being in a firefight and coming back to the USA, being a private security contractor for diplomats in baghdad (1:44:30), “Best 1st for Last” wrestling an alligator to save his doge in a target retention pond.

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