116-Yolanda Podcast: Executive Director of Zoë Ministries Delaware’s 1st Long-term Housing and Aftercare for Human Trafficking Survivors

September 28, 2021

Yolanda and Sean talk about Zoe Ministries Mission to fight human trafficking, lobbying the State of Delaware to adopt legislation and implement training on human trafficking, how preditors develop power over their victims (0:00), the need for a public awareness campaign around human trafficking, the strength of trauma bonds, why  residential therapeutic aftercare is the best option for freed survivors, Zoe Ministries current support and the need for more supporters  (36:07), how the horse farm was purchased, her vision for the farm’s future, Non-Profits being supported by Hudson Fields  and Revolution Brewery on Thankful Thursdays (1:05:21), the story behind starting a non-profit, some massage parlors beings places of human trafficking not prostitution, victims needing consistency to break their trauma bond with their abuser, why Zoe Ministries will be successful  (1:34:16)

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