37-Laura Lea Podcast: Singer, Song Writer, Musician,

September 20, 2021

Laura Lea shares stories about the joyful grind of regularly performing and juggling relationships while traveling all around the east coast (4:20), dealing with acceptance breaking into the music scene and in her other "day jobs" including some catty @$$ car dealership chicks (17:43), Quitting her day job, joining a band as the lead singer, and making her own music (39:41), how she gained confidence to become a singer and her spiteful mental paragraph to one of the mean girls from the dealership (1:04:00), grandma asking if she had feelings for girls her family's acceptance of her bisexuality, and a 1st date with her now fiancé... and their kids (1:19:34), being pregnant and being sued for being pregnant by a bar owner, and other parenting stories (1:43:40), "Best 1st For Last"- the 1st song she wrote that made her cry while singing it (2:26:04)

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