38-Jorge Podcast: Founding Member of the Medellin Cartel, Accountant, Christian, Narco

September 20, 2021

Jorge share stories about how becoming a poor immigrant from Cuba still has him waking up at four thirty every morning (4:55), how he went from the definition of a nerd accounting for the federal bank in Miami to becoming in charge of North American cocaine distribution for the Medellin Cartel (28:44), digs a little deeper into how he gradually cross the the legal line including an encounter with Noriega in Panama (57:08), “Best 1st For Last”  when he went lost millions and found meaning  (1:34:27), ENCORE session: diving into the glorification and life of the Narco culture  (1:42:04),  his attorney informing the government of Jorge’s “illegal” actions and money laundering because of 5th amendment source income provision  (2:29:58), buying influence with government officials and Pablo Escobar’s violent militant mentality (2:56:34)


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