42-Juwan Mullen Podcast: Doctoral Student, Counselor, HBCU Alumni, Hooper

September 22, 2021

Juwan Mullen shares stories about his educational experiences from being referred for special educational services as an elementary student, to being a college basketball player and now obtaining his  doctorate degree  ( 5:10), being a college basketball player and the importance of grades (#cribuniversity), how not being eligible affects options, and what college coaches look for in a recruit (38:29), Choosing his daughter over a semi-pro career, enrolling in grad classes at Del State,  the influences of African-Americans and sports on his educational  and professional progression (1:12:55),  how he got into counseling from being a para-educator, to overcoming his auditory processing issue, and now staring his podcast “Full Court Press”   (1:49:03), “BEST 1st For Last” 1st time entering the Doctoral Program and doubting his worth, just to realize he belongs (2:13:27)

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