57- Antonio: Author, Introspective, Nomadic Worker, One With Nature, Psychedelic Believer, Great Voice, Avid Hiker, Enjoys a Purposeful Trip

September 21, 2021

Antonio shares stories about…  coming across a mama bear during a hike in Montana and how using LSD has eliminated his drinking (3:42), celebrating the completion of his Audio Book “Finding the God Spark” with an acid trip and taking 2 and a half hits of acid on a hiking trip off trail in Colorado to spread his mothers ashes and winds up morphing into a beast, stripping naked, rock climbing, and spending the night (33:27), a little background and history on LSD, taking a trip to Peru to drink ayahuasca to in search of the meaning of his life, drinking at high altitudes, and what happened to him after his mother passed away (1:03:57) “Best 1st For Last”  1st time getting laid where he lost his virginity in a KFC parking lot to a stripper (1:56:53).

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