60-Gillian Podcast: Hustler Hunny, Professional Poker Player, Puppy Lover, Accomplished Speed Walker, World Traveler, Ethical Money Taker, Almost a Yogi

September 22, 2021

Gillian shares stories about marketing herself digitally, online poker playing, the data advantages it brings, and what it’s like to be a woman in a poker playing man’s world  (3:44), streaming on Twitch, taking advantage of amateurs and their tells, the moral dilemmas of taking amateurs money, the social isolation that can come because of gender differences at the table  (43:17),  going to India to learn Astanga Yoga and discovering her poker playing talent, traveling the world, poker movie mishaps (1:24:30), volunteer moderators on Twitch, monetizing digital content, having a stalker thanks to her streaming (1:46:41), “Best 1st For Last”  1st time she got into competitive speed walking and how she lost the Canadian Championship (2:23:00)

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