78-Candi Shell/Dan Podcast: Her Highness the Beautiful Most Illustrious, Parody Song Writer/Singer, Artist Extraordinar, Possessor of Moisturizing Secrets, Song Stealer, 1st to Slur on the Pod

June 15, 2021

Candi Shell and Dan share stories about her parody song writing process, moisturizing secretes, connecting with the movie Show Girls, and more about her parody song writing history  (3:51), Africa by Toto being a great song, sketch comedy on Hawaiian Public Access TV,  Dungeons and Drag Queens short narrative (45:04), Dan Paul comes on and talks about what it’s like to be Candi Shell, spending time in Europe where he broke up with a boyfriend while tripping on shrooms b/c of his treatment towards friends and other travel adventures (1:32:33), “Best 1st for Last” 1st time performing as a drag queen, ENCORE Segment Astrologies roles balancing life as Candi and Dan, his musical journey in New York (2:14:50), being a social outsider growing up, battling  suicidal thoughts, gender identity, and his sexual orientation, being in a drag band called She Dick, getting married and moving to Hawaii, Candi Shell coming out in Hawaii b/c of boredom, Candi Shell’s music career being put at the forefront of his life over Dan’s music career (2:50:45)

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