81-Geeg: Caretaker and Keeper of the Chronicles of Captain Ahab, Inspirational Speak, Doer of Just About Any Adventure, Avid Listener of the Getting2KnowUpod

September 15, 2020

Geeg shares stories about speaking at former guest @dilldaddy ’s college which lead to a bucket list goal of hiking Everest, developing relationships b/c of Ahab, Geeg’s grandfather commandeering Ahab in 1943 before going on his Navy voyage (3:16), acquiring Ahab when he was 19 and taking him to college, meeting the Dean of Students at Yellow Stone and being invited to speak at a college which lead to motivational speaking  (37:05), COVID giving him an opportunity to recharge with Ahab, going to Peru at 16 and drinking Ayahuasca tea, other adventures with Ahab and experiences (1:05:55), going to Walking Glen for a hike and inspiring a grandmother, white water rafting with Ahab in Chile, sky diving with Ahab, hitch hiking in Patagonia with Ahab (1:49:01) “Best 1st for Last” 1st time going to see the worlds biggest ball of yarn in honor of his Uncles wish which his grandfather and the other card players never granted (2:32:18)

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