Caesar Rodney Graduate Shines in Research with Bayhealth Surgeon

August 25, 2017

From time to time, Bayhealth Cardiothoracic Surgeon Daniel Marelli, MD, has mentored students who volunteer at Bayhealth. Most recently, Dr. Marelli worked with Caesar Rodney graduate Ananya Garg. In her three years with Dr. Marelli, Garg has worked with Dr. Marelli on two research projects one of which sent her to India for a presentation. Now the duo is working together on a manuscript based off their research. Garg accomplished all of this before beginning her collegiate studies.

For Garg, medicine has been a major part of her life. Having a mother who was a physician influenced Garg a lot growing up. Working with Dr. Marelli as a research assistant gave Garg an inside look on how data can improve patient care. “I like how physicians use data and their own experience to make other people better,” Garg said.

While working with Dr. Marelli, Garg completed research for a poster presentation that she then put together. The presentation dealt with incorporating a new technique with coronary artery bypass grafting. The research project was accepted for presentation last fall at an international scientific meeting of the American Association of Thoracic Surgeons in India. Garg presented a poster displaying the research at the meeting. Being a part of such a project is a big deal for students, especially one as young as Garg. Dr. Marelli says it’s a great way for Garg to build her career. “She’s doing work at the level of a university pre-med student,” he said. “I’m very proud of the work we’ve done together.”

Dr. Marelli sees his time with students as a chance to guide and mentor them. He likes pushing them out of their comfort zone to see what they’re capable of doing, and has seen success doing so. Dr. Marelli has watched one student he’s worked with be the first from his family to attend college. He’s also had a manuscript he produced with a student published. “I like to help one student at a time,” Dr. Marelli said.

Next up for Garg is an early start to her studies at University of Delaware, where she’ll major in biology. She hopes to continue conducting research for as long as she can. “This has been a great experience. It feels great to have accomplished this and I’m looking forward to taking what I learned here to college with me,” Garg said. “I think everyone should do research because what you’re doing makes a big difference.”

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