March 5, 2018


Milton, DE…  Medi-Share, the healthcare cost-sharing ministry has been growing steadily as healthcare costs continue to skyrocket.   The program is not insurance, but a community of likeminded people sharing medical bills through “Christian Care Ministry,” the providers of Medi-Share and Senior Assist in Delaware and Nationwide.


The best part is that many of the most popular and best doctors and specialists throughout Sussex County are already participating providers, so you CAN keep your doctors!


Medi-Share may not be insurance, but it functions similarly and meets the requirements for Obamacare, exempting its members from the mandate to purchase private insurance or give in to (yikes!) Obamacare. (Does anybody still call it the Affordable Care act?)  Rather than a deductible, there’s an “Annual Household Portion,” (that’s pretty much the same as a deductible with a more pleasing name).


Like most types of insurance the size of this “Annual Household Portion” (aka deductible) determines your monthly “premium” aka “Family Share Portion.”


The Preston family (name changed for HIPPA privacy requirements) saw their HighMark Blue Cross bills rise 20-30% each year the past few years since Obamacare’s mandate, and this January that meant $1,275 would become almost $1,600 per month.  That’s $19,200 for a family of five to have basic regular health insurance with a $3,000 in-network deductible, even before any costs are covered!


David Forman, President and owner of Visiting Angels a home care company that helps seniors live independently, said, “Once we learned our own family doctors were in the provider network, and called around to be sure most of the doctors our Visiting Angels care recipient families use are also in-network, I decided not only to switch to Medi-Share myself, but to help spread the word to help families who are struggling make their insurance premiums and keep their doctors, throughout our entire community.”


"Medi-Share is Accepted by Sussex Counties’ Best Doctors,

Beebe Medical Centers and More!"


The Prestons, a family of five including three children in Sussex County, chose an Annual Household Portion of $3,750 which is the amount that needs to be met before medical bills are paid, but their monthly share is $510, rather than $1,600 – an annual savings of more than $13,000 to visit the same doctors, specialists and facilities!    If keeping your provider is the most important part of your healthcare, call and ask if they accept a PPO called PHCS (Private Healthcare Systems), now also called MultiPlan, Inc. or visit PHCS.COM and search for your doctor, specialist or facility.


Forman says, “We’ve already done much of the research and determined that dozens of the most popular doctors, specialists and facilities throughout Sussex County and Milford are within the PHCS – PPO (MultiPlan), but you should check the web site and call your provider to be sure.” However, even if your provider is not in the network, or you are travelling and must use a non-participating provider, the plan will still pay a large portion of eligible necessary medical bills.   Medi-Share also offers a unique Health Incentive, applying further discounts up to 20% off your to your monthly share, when both heads or households meet certain healthy lifestyle requirements such as waist size, BMI and un-medicated blood pressure.



Seniors over the age of 65, or those receiving Social Security Disability Benefits, are already receiving Medicare benefits for their health insurance, something Visiting Angels doesn’t accept because Medicare pays for “skilled nursing, while the company provides non-medical living assistance services.  However, the new plan’s "Senior Assist" option which can cost as little as $70 per month for (ages 65-70); $85 per month for (ages 71-75); $95 per month for anybody 76 and older, is worth learning about.   There are no limits for pre-existing conditions and you can’t be dropped for medical reasons. Members will share the portion of your eligible medical bills that Medicare allows but does not pay completely, including: *Copayments • Deductibles • Hospitalization • Skilled nursing facilities • Out of country urgent care * and more.


Both Medi-Share for individuals and families, and Senior Assist for individuals require a Christian testimony of faith, and healthy lifestyles that include not smoking or using illegal drugs.  Cost sharing never includes paying for procedures that conflict with biblical ideals.


"Senior Assist Sharing Option for Christians Age 65 and Older

With Medicare Parts A and B starts at Just $70 Per Month!"


Forman says, “While Visiting Angels does not accept either of these programs as payment, because the company provides assistance with uncovered daily activities of living, such as personal care, meal preparation, errands, shopping and appointments, medication reminders, transfer assistance, compassionate companionship and respite care for family caregivers, our own family has been so pleased by the Medi-Share, and so impressed by the potential of Senior Assist, that we’ve been spreading the word however we can.”


To learn more about Medi-Share and Senior Assist plans and options visit or call 1-800-PSALM – 23.  To learn how Visiting Angels can help you or a loved one remain safe and independent at home, or call (302) 329-9475

David Forman, PresidentGrace Visitation Services, inc.
d/b/a/ Visiting Angels 
973-477-7489 - cell  (Best reach)
302-329-9475 - Office

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