Experience the Health Benefits of the Infrared Wellness Pod!

August 17, 2022

Available exclusively at Urban Float Rehoboth Beach, DE is the Infrared Wellness Pod! Treat yourself to a full spectrum of Infrared Light (Near, Mid, Far), dry heat and Aromatherapy and schedule a relaxing 15-30 minute session today. Clients looking for a quick way to burn some extra calories can turn up the heat (literally & figuratively) by utilizing the resistance bands & the convenient calorie tracker.

Additional features include: Vibration massage bed, cooling face air system & mood lighting.

Health Benefits of the Infrared Wellness Pod:

- Stimulate Circulation & Improve Skin Complexion
- Burn Calories
- Relax & Destress
- Soothes Aches & Chronic Pain
- Boost Immunity
- Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion

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