Factory Sports adds an ‘e’

April 8, 2020

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The world is facing unprecedented times. Dining rooms have become offices. Family rooms have become classrooms. Small businesses and family owned restaurants have been forced to close their doors - hopefully not forever. Factory Sports is facing a similar reality. As a result, they are adding a new division to their program offerings. It is one that can help strengthen relationships with the local community and continue to spread the word about their offerings. 

Factory Sports is excited to announce the creation of Factory eSports. The eSports offerings will be kicked off by a Virtual 5k designed to help the community stay active during this time of social distancing. The window to complete your personal 5k will begin on April 13 and conclude on April 26. “We have added some fun social media contests to keep the community connected as well”, added an excited Nicole Tingle, Business Manager at Factory Sports. In the very near future, they will open registration for an NBA2k League. 

Factory Sports owner, Pat Woods, is excited about the new offerings. “I believe this is an opportunity for our staff to showcase their creativity, passion, and desire to coach - even compete”, stated Woods. “The Virtual 5k and NBA2k20 League is only the beginning for us. Factory Sports will be adding training and skill enhancement classes online for our athletes to compete against one another. It is all about competing, staying active, and having fun”, an enthusiastic Woods continued.

Woods also highlighted an online training course that he is organizing; “It is going to be a lot of fun. Athletes will get to compete and challenge one another, and play basketball. The response from local players has been great. We have them demonstrating drills and I will be coaching players through them in a classroom setting”.

  • For more information on the Virtual 5k and to register please click here
  • For more information on the NBA2k20 League and to register please click here
  • For more information regarding Factory Sports Online Basketball Training please click here

Factory Sports encourages all participants in their eSports to please follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC. In addition, Factory Sports hopes that everybody remains safe, sound, and healthy during these times. 


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