Fire Pits: The Hot New Backyard Trend

June 29, 2020


Fire Pits:  The Hot New Backyard Trend


According to the American Society of Outdoor Architects, the hottest new trend in backyard ambience is the fire pit. From simple metal bowls to full-on outdoor fireplaces, these trendy additions to any backyard can offer warmth and ambience on a cool evening as well as a built-in reason to enjoy gooey s'mores no matter the time of year.

The simplest fire pit of all and affordable on almost any budget is a round, metal stand-alone bowl. Equipped with a grill top, should you want to do some outdoor cooking, and a protective screen cover, it is the perfect answer for smaller patios.

Slightly more expensive is a taller and more elaborate bowl with a covered top that prevents rain from getting in and open sides to make it easy to add more wood. You can get close enough to roast marshmallows if you like, or simply sit back and enjoy the fire. In summer, it can even be used as a planter.

Do-it-yourselfers may decide on a ring made of mortared limestone. If this appeals to you, your local home and garden store can help you choose the right materials including a drain to connect to a pipe that runs underground and out into the lawn so that rain doesn't collect in the pit. Again, come summer, you can mask the whole affair with colorful potted plants.

Regardless of which way you decide to go, choose good firewood in the winter months, such as oak, hickory, mesquite, cedar or alder. You can even use fruit woods, such as apple or cherry, but it's a good idea to avoid pressure-treated wood which may contain harmful toxins.

Also, keep your fire small. Your goal should be warmth and a pleasing blaze, not a bonfire with greater potential for disaster. Be sure your fire pit is at least 10 feet away from any combustible structure and avoid using your pit during windy conditions.

You can get a small fire started in the pit with crumpled paper and small sticks or use store-bought fire starter. Do not use gasoline.

When you are finished, let the ashes cool down before dousing them with water.


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