Halloween Hazard: Cosmetic Contact Lenses

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October 30, 2018

Contact Lenses are a safe form of vision correction, but purchasing these lenses without a prescription can lead to a scary situations for your vision.  There is a reason that it is illegal in the United States to sell contact lenses without a prescription from an eye doctor - wearing contact lenses that do not fit correctly can lead to blindness.  While you may think that the colored contact lens is the perfect addition to your Halloween costume this year, think again.  Consult Sussex Eye Center to be fit with a safe cosmetic contact lens.


How are cosmetic contact lenses harmful?

Contact lenses are not “One Size Fits All” - a poorly fitting lens will cut or scratch your eye, putting you at an increased risk of infection.  Some of these infections can cause permanent scarring and blindness.  The colors and designs on cosmetic contact lenses block oxygen to the eye, causing them to be less breathable than normal contact lenses.  This can lead to eye irritation and complications.   


Costume Contact Lens Warning AOA                                                                     

How can I wear cosmetic contact lenses safely?

At Sussex Eye Center, we fit color contact lenses in materials that are safe for your eyes.  We make sure that the lenses fit correctly and instruct you on the proper wear and replacement schedule.  Make an appointment today to be fit safely into contact lenses!