Introducing The Seasonal “Dunkel” at Big Oyster Brewery In Lewes

November 10, 2017

There’s a delicious, new seasonal brew available at the recently opened Big Oyster Brewery at 1007 Kings Highway in Lewes for a few more weeks (or, for at least as long as it lasts based upon popular demand.) It’s called the Dunkel and it’s a Munich Dunkel.

In case you’re feeling a bit rusty with your beer lingo, “Dunkel” is a word used for a wide variety of dark German lager. A German word meaning dark, “Dunkel” beers typically range in color from amber to a dark reddish brown and all are characterized by a smooth malty flavor.

Similar in style to a German Amber, The Dunkel debuted yesterday (11/8) as part of Big Oyster Brewery’s seasonal line-up of limited run specialized brews.

Coastal Cuisine host Michael Spouse had a chance to sample the new beer over lunch at the brewery. He asked bartender Margaux Mulry for some insight into the new brewery’s latest flavor endeavor and their seasonal beers in general.

MS: So, Margaux, this really is a smooth and delicious beer. This is a seasonal beer correct?

MM: Yes, it is.

MS: How long do you expect to have it in house?

MM: I’m not quite positive about how many kegs we have, but it should be on for about two weeks or so.

MS: Wow. Two weeks – the Big Oyster Brewery seasonal beers must be pretty popular!

MM: Absolutely! This is our first season being in the brewery, so we have much more to work with in terms of space compared to the highway. We’ve already brewed quite a few that have already gone. We’ve had the Pumpkin from the end of September through October. That just kicked the other day. We also recently had an Octoberfest Brew which was gone in just about two weeks.

MS: When you have a beer that people really like, and it runs out, is that it? Is it ever made again?

MM: It all depends really. Our one seasonal beer called the “Noir Et Blue” - it’s a Belgium Tripel - we try to bring that back every couple of weeks whenever it kicks because everyone loves it so much. So, we’ll keep that on at all times throughout the year, but we still consider that a seasonal.

MS: The Dunkel beer just came out recently, correct?

MM: Yes. It just came out on Wednesday (Nov. 8) . The brewer’s description lists it as having a light biscuit, caramel and malty sweetness to the taste. It’s brewed with imported German Malt. It’s 4.5 per cent so it can be compared to a lager, but with a little more malty.

MS: Well Margaux, the beer was delicious, and it went perfectly with the Salmon BLT that you suggested for lunch. It was a great as you suggested!

MM: I’m glad you enjoyed your lunch! Thanks again!


The Big Oyster Brewery is located at 1007 King Hwy in Lewes, DE. They are now open daily for lunch & dinner with 16 beers on tap, full bar & wine list, and happy hour from 4 - 7 Monday through Thursday and from Open to 6 PM on Fridays & Sundays.

They can be reached at or at 302-644-2621.

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