Ionic Hand/Foot Cellular Spa Detox

June 26, 2019

With over 80,000 chemicals being used daily in the US. Scientists studying the human “body burden” (the burden on our body from toxic chemicals) uncovered an average of 171 pollutants and toxins and 56 carcinogens invading our bodies.

Toxins in our body weaken our immune system and damage the nervous system leading to illness, chronic disease, premature aging and oxidative stress to the body. Toxins are stored in our liver, body fat, lymphatic system, joints, muscles, gut, brain and other parts of the body.

Reduce Your Body’s Burden with the Ionic Foot Spa

There are many ways to detoxify. Some are more effective than others and some work on certain toxins while others work on other toxins. One way is a gentle non-invasive whole body approach that uses a cold laser that is programmed with frequencies that are used on the lymph organs while the feet or hands are in an ionic foot bath for 30-40 minutes. You should feel comfortable and relaxed as you are releasing toxins and putting balance back to your cleansing organs. You should also learn about proper nutrition, probiotics, drink healthy water, find a good plant enzyme and use relaxation techniques that work for you. It could also be beneficial to have a full body Thermography Scan so that you may see where problem areas are and to monitor treatment progress over time.


Sinlge 1 Hour Cold Laser Detox Session (Including Laser and Ionic Cellular Foot Spa) $125
We do have a 60 day detoxification package and a maintenance package which can be discussed during your initial cold laser detox appointment/consultation.

Wellness Balance uses the Lectro ChiPremier Energy Ionic Foot Spa to help energize and detoxify the body at the cellular level.  For more information on how, and if, this may be beneficial to you, please contact us today!