Kitchen Trends for 2019

February 18, 2019

Life is hectic enough, so we're pretty chuffed that this year's kitchens are soulful and quiet. We'll see an emphasis on pared-back cabinetry, quality materials, curated wares, a mingling of metals, black (so much black) and a general salt-of-the-earth feel. Read on for more on the most popular room in the house.

Matte Black Cabinetry, this captivating trend sees the sultry matte making its mark in 2019. 

Concealed Vent, industrial hood vents are fine and dandy if your running a restaurant, but the residential sphere a seamless look will heat up kitchens! Whether a traditional or modern design, its about a quieter, artful look over the oven.

A Curated Collection, For a curated feel in the kitchen, stash your crocks, vases out in the open! Collections, especially handmade, sustainable pieces- speak to the artisan trend thats hot going into this year.

Wood and White, Into this year you will see two- toned kitchens.  AND Natural wood will lead the pack!

Industrial Countertops, We’ll be seeing tons of textural surfaces such as concrete- or amazing riffs on the real thing! 

Mixed Metals, Brass was a favorite in 2018, but the golden child isn't  alone anymore.. black, pewter, copper, and brass are commingling for a striking organic look.

Special Sinks, Craftsmanship is the key trend this year. We are not surprised special sinks are making headway, such a hammered copper... it has that homespun about it that we all love. 

Organic Handmade Tile, Backsplashes that look  hand hammered have hit. The textures and tones are weathered, made up of dozens of shades.

From the professionals, at Bath Kitchen & Tile Center, we are confident that your new kitchen will be exactly what you dreamed of! Ready to take the next step, call today, you’ll be so glad you did!