Laura Lea-Podcast

September 14, 2020

Laura Lea shares stories behind what inspired songs on her album LauraLea: “Chemical Whore” about the relationship with her sister and being jealous of attention gotten by other b/c of the chemicals they use (9:17), “In the Storm  about her childhood cousin dying or a drug overdose (32:09), “Still Alive”  a song written to her aunt and uncle about their son’s death  (43:06), “Cheers”, written when she was 17, inspired by Beatle Bailey being a drunk and was actually sponsored by Bud Lite (1:05:12), “Gone”  when she was feeling sorry for her self because she felt she missed out on chances and opportunities  (1:17:07), “Personally” where she encountered guys that caught feelings for her, but she kept them in the friend zone  (1:40:38), “Kelly Left” a song her dad wrote the lyrics to about her sister’s roommate  (1:55:50),  “Nothing” about an abusive relationship that led to a miscarriage (1:58:57), “360”  a bunch of non-sense words dealing with crushes she had on her friends in grade school (2:03:31)





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