April 16, 2018

Spring should be a time of enjoying the nation’s summer capital for all the reasons so many of us retire here, and most of those are out doors; but for seniors who are homebound, recovering from illness, grieving the loss of a loved one or simply suffering from the winter blues, anxiety and depression can cause us to remain shut-in, feeling hopeless and robbed of the strength and the desire to do any of the things that may help.

 In our own strength, breaking the cycle of depression is extremely difficult, but in the company of a caring companion there’s so much about early spring that can naturally restore your health and mood with little effort.   

 David Forman, President of Visiting Angels, a home care agency that helps senior’s remain independent and safe at home, explains how his Angels can help, “When depression has a grip, you don’t have the energy to do anything productive, and as things fall further behind, you just feel worse. However, bit of sunshine and your very own Angel, can help turn things around.”  


 Even if it’s just onto a chair on your porch, deck, driveway or lawn, sunlight helps the body turn Vitamin D into a useable form of energy and Vitamin D plays a significant role in our mood. Sunlight also helps the body release endorphins that improves your state of mind.   


“With the sun recharging your batteries,” Forman says, "the next step is a phone call to find out how our Angels can help you overcome the anxiety that make the tasks before you seem overwhelming.   They’ll help address many contributing factors such as a backlog of basic household chores, overdue errands, important health and follow-up appointments, poor nutrition, a lack of proper attention to personal care, and especially the loneliness caused by remaining mostly indoors throughout the winter."

Forman says his Angels can make a world of difference, whether they visit once a day or a few times a week, “Our compassionate caregivers provide light housekeeping including laundry, meal preparation, personal care, errands, transportation and appointments, medication reminders, and joyful companionship, all of the things that will have you or your loved one feeling better in time to enjoy the spring weather.”  

 Visiting Angels also offers overnight and live-in care for those needing more attention such as those with chronic disease, or those recovering from illness or injury.  There’s no length of time in any contract, and you can stop and start again as you wish.  The company answers 24/7 or will respond within 15 minutes any time of day or night, 365 days a year.  You’ll connect with a live person, a member of the office staff who will instantly know your name and situation.  

Anxiety and depression are not character defects or a sign of weakness. Regardless of the physical cause, there is a chemistry that needs to be fixed. We were created as social beings, to talk and spend time with others, and we were meant to be outside a good portion of every day when the weather permits.  So before you consider changing or beginning new medications, why not try the safest and most obvious solution that comes from simply having somebody to talk to?  A kind and reliable Angel, who has chosen a profession where her most rewarding experience is helping somebody just like you, enjoy a better quality of life.

Whether you’re the person suffering, or a family member of a loved one in need, or you have become somebody’s primary caregiver and the tasks before you seem so overwhelming, start with a phone call to Visiting Angels today at (302) 329-9475, and let the spring sunshine and your very own angel help you restart enjoying life again.