Mobile Physical Therapy in Lewes and Beyond

June 24, 2024

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Not every patient has access to make it to an office for physical therapy treatment. Your therapist will deliver PT in person, at your home, work, gym, or local pool. With our approach, you will receive private one-on-one treatments with your therapist in the comfort of your home environment.  Our therapists will deliver the “Wow” factor in any setting you choose!

Who is right for PT PLUS?


✔ Patients who do not want to travel to a healthcare facility.

✔ Patients who are having transportation issues get to medical appointments.

✔ Patients who work from home and want the convenience of having physical therapy brought to them in their home or community.

✔ Patients who want us to meet them at their golf course, pickleball court, fitness center, workplace, or even at your pool to deliver outpatient physical therapy services.

Aquacare Physical Therapy PLUS allows individuals to receive physical therapy services within the comfort and privacy of their own homes and communities. We travel to YOU to get you back to what you love!

You do not need to be confined to your home to qualify for these services. As long as there is a medical necessity for treatment you may be covered by Medicare Part B and other private insurances!

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