Race for Racial Justice | Race Window Extended

August 17, 2020

Factory Sports and the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice are proud to partner to help bring a awareness and change to the region. The collaboration takes place in the form of a Virtual 5k Run/Walk. 

The concept a Virtual 5k Run/Walk is ideal for social distancing and helping to limit large gatherings. It allows participants to partake in the event at a time and place of their own choice. Your neighborhood? The beach? On the boardwalk? All are possible in a Virtual 5k. The rules for the event are simple. Register. Race. You can register by clicking on the link here. Participants will receive a race shirt (pictured below) and a race medal. The shirt is available for purchase as well. 

Registration for the event is $25. Race shirts will also be available for sale at a price of $20. If you would like to purchase a shirt please email and include NAME, SIZE, CONTACT INFO and QUANTITY. Please note that portions of the proceeds will be used to further to the progress of racial justice in Southern Delaware through the SDARJ. Donations are also welcomed. For more on the event please click on to the events page here

Factory Sports is located in Lewes, DE. They opened their doors in 2014. The mission of Factory Sports is to provide the highest quality of coaching for athletes of all ages and abilities so that they might compete with enthusiasm, character, and expertise in a safe environment.

The Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice is a non-partisan organization that educates, informs, and advocates for racial justice, equality, and fair opportunity. The SDARJ formed in 2015 and the organizational goals include:

  • Educate for change through knowledge and understanding of past and current racial issues and conditions.
  • Enrich our cultural environment through multi-racial collaboration.
  • Address racial and criminal injustice and advocate for ways to improve the criminal justice system in Delaware.
  • Collaborate with like-minded groups to challenge structural and systemic racism.
  • Promote positive change for the future of our youth.

Factory Sports supports the work of the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice. The organization has been working hard to make Delaware a better community for all. 

Registration is still open and runners are able to record a time until the race window closes on August 16 August 23. We have extended the window by 1-week. The new deadline is Sunday, August 23!


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