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December 4, 2018

Sell Your Real Estate AND Keep More Money

Selling a home (or another type of real estate) is a very complicated, emotional process. For Delaware real estate, the process of selling can be a tedious, stressful process that most people don’t enjoy.

At Sunrise Real Estate, we understand that selling your home can be scary. We are here to guide you through the process to sell your home successfully.

Our experience has taught us that most people ultimately want two things in selling their home.

  1. Sellers want to Sell

We know that savvy sellers understand what steps are required to sell their home.

The Traditional Way:

This seems obvious, but this is a crucial factor that leads people to even consider hiring a REALTOR to assist in the sale of their home. Many people select a Realtor based upon previous experience or on someone else’s experience (referrals). This is a perfectly logical conclusion.

Other people choose a realtor based upon the size of the company. Most people think that larger companies are more successful in selling homes than smaller firms. In some cases this is true.

The Sunrise Real Estate Essential Listing Way:

Savvy sellers understand that well over 90% of real estate buyers search online before ever scheduling a showing or contacting a realtor. This means that it’s crucial that your property is marketed on major real estate websites. The experience of an agent (or the size of the company for which that agent works) doesn’t matter on the internet.

The other secret that educated sellers understand is the power of the buyer’s agent. A Buyer’s Agent is another realtor who works on behalf of the buyer to assist in finding the best home. In Delaware, Buyer’s Agents represent over 80% of the home buyers.

These two factors taken together- the power of the internet and the power of the Buyer’s Agent make up the recipe for a successful sale.

Sunrise Real Estate is unique in its ability to harness these two powerful tools to sell your Delaware property, but we have one massive advantage over our competition.

  1. Sellers Want to Keep More of Their Money

The Traditional Pattern:

As a seller in Sussex County, Delaware, the traditional listing agreement with a traditional company means you are going to pay 5% or 6% of the final sales price to sell your Delaware home. This amount goes on top of the 2% transfer tax (think of it as a sales tax on property) that you will be paying.

The Sunrise Real Estate Essential Way:

The Essential Listing by Sunrise Real Estate charges you, the seller, a lower fee for assisting in the sale of your property. This allows our clients to keep more of their money. While we understand the emotional factors involved with selling your home, we also understand that selling your home is also a financial decision.

Sunrise Real Estate is NOT a discount brokerage:

The idea of a lower sales commission is as old as the sales commission itself. Sunrise is not a discount brokerage. Here’s why:

Typical Discount Brokerage:

A typical discount brokerage is a simple business arrangement. The discount brokerage simply agrees to list the property for a lower total commission. There is one problem with this model in Delaware. A discount brokerage is also setting a lower commission for the Buyer’s Agent. The Buyer’s Agent is typically a Delaware Realtor associated with another brokerage. The discount brokerage listing agreement is asking the Buyer’s Agent to work for less, and our experience tells us that this is a bad idea.

The Sunrise Real Estate Essential Listing:

The Sunrise Real Estate compensates Buyer’s Agents at the same levels as traditional listings. This keeps one of the main sources of buyers for your home engaged in actively bringing potential buyers to your home*. The Essential Listing structure means that Sunrise is paid at a lower rate than a traditional listing.

How Can Sunrise Work For Less?

For a number of reasons, Sunrise is able to provide professional real estate services at a lower cost than legacy brokerages.

We’re locally owned and operated.

We aren’t affiliated with a national franchise (we don’t have to pay franchise fees)

We are a boutique firm which keeps our overhead low

We manage our own technology. We don’t hire a bunch of consultants.

There are two other important things to know about Essential Lisiting Services:

First, we don’t advertise in any print media. Delaware beach realtors like to advertise in local publications so that their clients (the sellers) will see their property in the paper and think that the agent is working on their behalf. This type of advertising is expensive and outdated. People shop for homes on the internet. A listing in the paper IS an effective marketing tool- for the brokerage to obtain other listings. We aren’t the only ones who say this- look HERE and HERE. A brokerage might put your property in the newspaper, but the ad is actually for the brokerage. This means that current clients are paying for future business of the brokerage. We don’t do this, so our seller don’t have to pay for it.

Second, we don’t do open houses. There was a time when an open house was a very effective tool- for brokerages. For sellers, the open house simply gives your neighbors a chance to walk through your home uninvited. I know this sounds cynical, but the real reason for holding an open house is simply to allow the agent to meet your neighbors and see if they also want to list their homes.

Some brokerages also do “brokers open”- where they will bribe other realtors to come through your home. The bribe is typically a free meal or a prize. Open houses just don’t have a lot of value for sellers, so we don’t do them (and our sellers don’t pay for them).

This is how the essential listing can be a “win-win”. We are local, experienced, motivated, and we will work with you to sell YOUR home and keep more of YOUR money.

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