Secrets to Shopping At Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore

May 22, 2019

“It’s no secret I am a  Sussex County ReStore Habitat For Humanity  SUPER FAN.  Seriously, they can not get rid of me.” Here is my go-to list of things I always look for every time I step through the door!

#1.  Paint Supplies

I know many interior designers would say  nothing is cheaper than changing paint colors to transform a room.  But a major expense added to painting projects is supplies.  ReStore has tons of paint supplies on the mega cheap.  From rollers, paint pans, brush cups, drop cloths, and so much more.  ReStore has a huge selection and are priced at least HALF the price of a big box hardware store.  I stock up each time I go and I never regret it.

#2. Flooring

If you are considering changing out your floors for laminate wood (that is what I have in my home…) the ReStore is a great alternative to purchasing your floors.  Their finishes and prices are just as comparable to The Home Depot.  To compare, The Home Depot is usually $3.00/square foot when ReStore’s price is $2.29 for this gorgeous Gunstock finish.  Plus, when you shop at ReStore you help Restore Sussex County Habitat build more homes for hardworking families…so you not only get something for yourself when you shop at ReStore, you support your community.

#3 Furniture 

This might be a no-brainer but seriously, you can find some amazingly unique furniture at ReStore. What makes visiting there so fun is that there is a ton of ever changing inventory.  They are usually overflowing with inventory – lots of furniture, fixtures and decor, as well as a large selection of rugs and tile. It’s that time of year when people get to spring cleaning, take on renovation projects, and move to new houses,and they donate their gently used home items to Habitat.   This is a great time of year to score all kinds of finds!

For example, last week when I visited the Restore Sussex County Habitat. I found so many one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to choose from. You really never know what you will find each time you stop by!

#4.  Cabinet Doors

If you have attended one of my classes you know I swear by ReStore’s cabinet doors.  I always pick a couple up and test out new finishes on them before I dive into a project.  This helps boost your confidence and know what the end result of your technique will look like.  

If you have a furniture painting business these are great to show clients examples of custom finishes you can complete for them. I have also done examples for clients to take home and look at in their lighting and in their home before making a final decision on color.  Since cabinet doors are only $1 they are a great way to build up a custom finish library for your clients. 

#5 Frogtape

I know this technically falls under the “paint supplies” category but it’s worth mentioning on it’s own.  The ever elusive Frogtape Shape Tape is also at ReStore.  It’s been super hard to find since it’s debut a few years ago and ReStore had a good supply last time I was there.


#6  Tools

My husband loves to go to Habitat’s ReStore with me to pick up tools on the cheap.  He adds to his tool collection every time we go.  If you are a new home owner just building up your tool box or an experienced handy man or woman, you will always find new tools.


#7 Household Items

From brooms to bath mats, dish towels to shower heads, ReStore has an ever evolving selection of household items.  Make sure you keep an eye out the next time you visit. 

#8 Spray Paint

“My name is Kathy and I am a spray paint hoarder. “ Admittedly I have slimmed my spray paint collection. But I always take a peek at their colors to see if any of my go-to’s are there. Plus I can add new colors to my stash. Make sure you stop in soon!