So glad to get my bath and haircut!

June 11, 2021

Happy weekend Ya all! So happy to be starting mine out well with a bath a trim by the one and only Rose at  Grooming by Rose 

Eliminate your dog’s skin problems and watch their coat transform with regular visits. We only use the highest quality grooming products to help with allergies and skin irritation. Service is determined by a thorough assessment of your pet when they arrive at our facilities. In fact, we’ve helped clients uncover a number of health issues (such as ear infections) and recommend the best course of action. You’ll save time, money, and a trip to the vet when you come to us. The best part is we don’t charge for every little thing. Grooming starts at $55.00 (no hidden charges) for all dogs and goes up by the size of the dog and the condition of its coat. Call TODAY! 302-947-2738


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