STREAM Michael Sprouse's entire interview with famed television icon Tony Dow - AKA Wally from Leave It To Beaver!

May 20, 2020

In case you missed the phenomenal interview with famed American television actor and visual artist Tony Dow (Wally from Leave It To Beaver) which aired on Satarday, May 16th, 2020, on Coastal A&E With Host Michael Sprouse, here is Tony's entire 41 minute interview edited for content.

Fascinating! Tony discusses his beautiful sculpting works at the Bilotta Gallery, his career in television, his favorite episode of Leave It To Beaver, the time he busted actor Steve McQueen’s windshield of his sports car and much more!

After some initial connectivity issues, Tony joins the conversation by phone at the 09:50 mark and by video at the 20:12 mark. Enjoy!

(Click on the time link below to be taken to that section of the interview)

09:50 Tony Dow joins by phone 

11:11 Tony and Frank greet and kid each other

12:10 Tony discusses how directing caught his interest

13:55 Tony discusses the brilliant writers on Leave It To Beaver

14:25 Tony discusses the real life influence on the show's scripts

17:00 Tony discusses the time he busted the windshield of Steve McQueen's Jaguar

20:12 Tony Dow joins video chat

22:50 Tony discusses the spiritual elements of his art work

25:05 Tony discusses the sculpture that he created that was featured in the back yard of Barbara Billingsley, his mother on Leave It To Beaver

25:25 Tony discusses the time his work was featured in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France

27:30 Tony discusses the amazing career of his mother, a stunt woman in silent films and a body double for Clara Bow

28:50 Tony discusses how he got started in television

31:15 Tony mentions Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) and Paul Peterson (The Donna Reed Show)

31:31 Tony discusses his underplayed acting method he used for Wally after being influenced by James Dean, Montgomery Clift, and Marlon Brando

33:24 Tony discusses one of his favorite episodes of Leave It To Beaver 37:30 Tony discusses his friend Billy Mumy (Will Robinson from Lost In Space)

38:20 Frank discusses artistic creativity with Tony and Tony discusses the Bilotta Gallery

39:55 Tony discusses his passion for sailing

Also featured in this broadcast is Frank Bilotta, owner and curator of the Bilotta Gallery in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Frank represents Tony and his stunning contemporary sculpture which is featured in the gallery along with works by other celebrity artists including Billy Dee Williams, Eve Plumb, Angela Cartwright, Billy Bob Thorton and more. More about the gallery online at


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