From “Mob” Artist To Teacher Of The Year: On Coastal A&E

December 20, 2017

In the latest episode of Coastal A&E, Host Michael Sprouse spends the entire hour interviewing his special guest and dear friend, visual artist and nationally acclaimed arts educator, Michael Bell.

YLKQfY6.jpgFor close to twenty years, Sprouse and Bell have shared a unique and inspired friendship based on a lifetime of dedication to the arts and establishing their successful careers - together and individually - in the visual arts arena and the many creative venues their partnership has taken them.

They have shared several two-man exhibitions over the years throughout the east coast often featuring their memorable, stylized and painterly, narrative figurative work as well as art they created for an exciting and continuing Collaboration Art project they developed where both artists will create a singular painting, side by side - working together - until the artwork is complete.

It's an exciting, transformative experience for anyone taking part in the process whether they have a background in visual art or not! The artists have recently formed an in-studio/on location Collaboration Art Evening where individuals can participate in the process with both Michael Sprouse and Michael Bell. jyHHkRH.jpg

By the end of the Collaboration Art Evening session, the participant(s) becomes the proud owner(s) of an amazing, deeply meaningful, original work of of wall ready art that not only did they help create - but that can be treasured and valued for generations yet to come. For detailed information about this event, contact host Michael Sprouse online.

In addition, Bell was also recently recognized in the USA Today as one of the "most highly regarded art teachers in the USA" in an article covering his fascinating career and recently released autobiography, "Dual Lives: From The Streets To The Studio".

Chapters of the book, available on, chronicle his work and life from the shaky-ground, mob influenced beginning days of his career "learning about life from the streets" to his current day "in the studio" life where he has been recognized as one of the most highly decorated public school teachers in America and a 3-time national award-winning “Teacher of the Year”. 

Bell's deep friendship and the uncannily synchronistic and deeply connected relationship between he and Sprouse are also chronicled in two chapters of the book and discussed during the interview. For examples of Bell's work and more information about his career, visit More information on host and visual artist Michael Sprouse, plus examples of his work, can be found here:

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