December 6, 2022

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Home buyers have a lot of questions about the buying process. Especially the first-timers. I know this, because I have helped several buyers in my career— and there have been a lot of questions over the years.

Which type of home loan is right for me? How much house can I afford? What's the real estate market like right now? How do I make an offer? Are home prices going up or down? These are just a few of the questions frequently asked by first-time buyers.

Home buying seminars are a great way to answer these types of questions all at once, in an educational group setting. The primary benefit, from an attendee's perspective, is that they can ask get answers from a live person. They don't have this benefit when reading articles or books about the process, so i have people you can talk to virtually.

Another great thing about a seminar is that everyone gets something out of it. The attendees you will receive quality information about the real estate process, and as a agent hosting this event i will share my expertise. It's a win-win.

Buyers want you to attend this educational seminar hosted by a local real estate, mortgage professionals and homeowners insurance company. I've helped clients create and host such events in the past, and they always draw a crowd. If you have an suggestions call us to create a solid seminar, and you promote it effectively, you might even have a standing-room only situation.

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