Why should you hire a professional lawn care company

February 21, 2020

Experience + Knowledge = Quality

The guys from Green Top Lawn & Landscaping aren’t just some guys who cut grass. They are trained professionals who are experienced and skilled at what they do. Experience matters and you will see it in the results of your lawn maintenance when you have trained professionals caring for your property. Your yard is going to look great!

Curb Appeal

Speaking of good looks… A healthy, green, well-maintained lawn gives a good first impression and adds to your home’s value. Curb appeal is an important factor to home buyers, so your lawn should look its best if you are selling.

Even if you are not selling your home, a beautifully maintained yard with perfectly trimmed trees and bushes is a great way to be the envy of your neighbors.

Time Saver

What is your time worth? Yes, you can do all of your own yard work – but do you really have the time to do it right? And wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?
Some people genuinely enjoy taking care of lawns (we do!), but for most people it is a lot of not-so-pleasant work. The lawn care pros from Green Top Lawn & Landscaping get your chores done and let you enjoy your spare time. There’s no reason to miss a ball game to mow your lawn, or miss a day in the park with the kids because you have to fertilize.


It may seem cheaper to handle your own lawn maintenance yourself, but sometimes it is not – especially if you have a large lawn. It is expensive for to purchase the professional grade equipment and supplies that are essential to maintaining a large lawn. You can try using the consumer-grade equipment you can find at the home improvement store, but you may find that you’ll be replacing it quickly if you use it frequently to maintain a larger property.

For you to achieve the same results as a good lawn care service on your own, you would have to purchase lots of specialized equipment and tools, for mowing, trimming, pruning, edging, brush clearing… and where will you keep it all?
In most cases, you can actually save money by paying for a professional lawn care service like Green Top Lawn & Landscaping.


Why not just get your neighbor’s kid to take care of the lawn? Accidents happen, and with sharp cutting tools, gas powered machines, and sometimes hazardous chemicals – those accidents can be nasty. The lawn care professionals at Green Top Lawn & Landscaping are insured, so you won’t have to worry about liability for any injuries that may occur. 

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