Workshop - "Participating in Life's Unfoldment"

- Private group -
March 5, 2020

Story Location:
98 Rudder Road
Suite 1-A
Millsboro  Delaware  19966
United States

"Participating in Life's Unfoldment"
Learn a 13 Step Spiritual Decision Making Process
Saturday, March 21 from 12-4pm  (Please arrive 10 minutes early!)
Spiritual discernment (decision making) is connecting, being, and listening for the inner guidance that is forthcoming whenever you ask for it. “Participating in Life’s Unfolding” is a tool that you can use, individually or cooperatively, to be divinely led, and to make life decisions quickly, and with clarity and confidence.

With this spiritual discernment tool you can connect to Spirit, hear the ‘still, small voice’ inside, and co-create what’s next in an area of your life. You can use this process daily to guide you in listening to Spirit for what is yours to do.

Again, “Participating in God’s Unfolding” is a 13 step spiritual discernment process, a decision-making tool, in which answers to life questions are determined in a co-creative process between the you and the Divinity within you.

The facilitator: Rev. Cheryl Rose, from Springfield, Va., will lead you in, and teach you this Spiritual Discernment process.

New World Unity co-created this process in 1998 and introduced it to 79 Unity Churches and many have incorporated the whole process or facets of it. New World Unity is now Unity Spiritual Center of Springfield, VA and is led by Rev. Cheryl Rose.

Rev. Cheryl Rose will be accompanied by Jane Lovas who participated in the 1998 co-creation process and Jan Hice-Smith, who leads the process at Unity By the Bay.

The program: Rev. Cheryl will introduce the process and answer your questions for about 15 minutes before we go into the silence and begin participating in the 13 steps. Please plan to come 10 minutes early so you can meet Rev Cheryl, Jane and Jan before we begin. The discernment itself will take up to 3 hours and requires you to be in the process from Step 1. There is nothing you need to bring except an area that is on your heart to receive guidance from Spirit and a willingness to expand your good.

Please don't miss this amazing opportunity!
“When we establish ourselves in the consciousness of God, the whole universe moves to flow into us with its abundance of life and substance.” - Eric Butterworth

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