Lewes CanalFront Park

From early spring through late fall, the park glows with activity.

The site of the Canalfront Park was a hub of activity since the earliest Dutch settlers created their homes and launched their ships here in 1631. For hundreds of years, local fishermen kept their boats here.


Though it experienced a few decades of deterioration, today it once again stands at the heart of the community. From early spring through late fall, the park glows with activity. People work with laptops or relax on park benches. Artists set up easels. Mothers with strollers walk safely along Front Street on a pleasant paved sidewalk or through the park itself, along its waterfront promenade. Children enjoy the park playground and play with their pets across the spacious Village Green. On the pier, families crab and cast lines.


On special occasions, audiences spread their blankets and lawn chairs on the park’s expansive lawn to watch boat parades, hear performances and enjoy outdoor movies. Bicycle, kayak and marathon events begin and end here and non-profit groups engage in fundraising activities.


All of this has been made possible by the generosity and foresight of the citizens, employees and elected leaders of the City of Lewes. The Friends of the Lewes Canalfront Park continues to play a vital role in the repair and maintenance. Join the Friends of the Canalfront Park to ensure the ongoing vitality our downtown waterfront Park for generations to come. For more information, send us an email or call 302-645-2795


​If you are interested in having a wedding or event in the Canalfront Park, please see the City of Lewes’ guidelines and then contact city hall directly.


Thank you to the City of Lewes for some photos used on this site.


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