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We are dedicated to improving the physical and emotional well-being of children and adults living with disabilities through equine assisted therapy in a supportive environment for riders and families. Our goals are to bring the advantages of therapeutic riding and other equine assisted activities to all members of the community who can benefit without compromising the high quality, focused one-on-one therapy sessions that are the heart of the program. We are also committed to offering participants and families a modern, efficient, and safe riding center that will enable us to expand our therapeutic offerings to populations such as veterans with disabilities, who will benefit from a therapeutic curriculum tailored to their particular needs.


Horseback riding is a progressive form of therapy for individuals with physical and emotional challenges. When a rider is mounted, the movement of the horse replicates the human gait in rhythm, symmetry and three dimensional movement, an experience that is difficult to replicate in a traditional therapy environment. The horse’s motion allows the rider to improve muscular strength, coordination and balance. Interaction with the horses also provides psychosocial benefits for riders and program participants who work with the horses in other ways. The horses, instructors and volunteers create a fun and caring environment that enables participants to gain valuable communication and coping skills and increased self-confidence.


Our farm is located on Harbeson Road in Milton, DE

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    (302) 644-1920
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    17170 Harbeson Rd
    Milton, DE 19968

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