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“Wellness Balance is a warm, safe and fun place for our clients to receive the guidance they need to have the healthy, vital life they deserve.”

At Wellness Balance, we offer our clients much more than simply improved well-being. We provide a holistic approach to your overall health and wellness. Utilizing tested, non-invasive therapies such as cold laser, neurotoxin release detox programs, and pH water. We help improve your pain management, promote healing and manage other chronic and acute conditions with natural remedies.




Kimberly Distilli, RN, BSN, CLT, CHC and founder of Wellness Balance, has spent three decades in the medical field.  Kimberly devoted her life to taking care of others but it wasn’t until she became seriously ill with breast cancer that she discovered the impact of non-invasive integrative therapies,  such as cold laser therapy, alkaline water, cellular cleansing and neurotoxin release protocols.

While fighting the pain of surgeries and the side effects of drugs, she began searching for a more natural way to promote healing and manage the pain.  As a nurse, she was cautious about claims and wanted therapies that worked in conjunction with her doctors, not in opposition.

What Kimberly found transformed not only how she was living with and surviving cancer, but transformed her life.  With the help of these therapies, Kimberly successfully beat cancer and has made it her mission to help others live healthier lives and get out of pain.

Kimberly earned her BSN from the Catholic University of American and has thirty years of experience as a registered nurse. She earned her Certification as a Level VI Laser Technician from ViralScore International and her Health Coach Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Her health career has included pediatric and adult medicine spanning the full spectrum of life from the critically ill newborn through hospice care. She served for several years in healthcare administration and leadership.

Your Holistic Health Consultation

When you make an appointment, you will meet with practitioner Kimberly Distilli, R.N.  She will review your health history and you will discuss the reason for your visit including your health concerns or priorities. At that time, Kimberly will provide you with an explanation of her recommended protocol for your personal situation. Together you will establish a plan and your first session will commence.

Wellness Balance is committed to providing an open, honest forum for communication as well as a comfortable, relaxing environment for your sessions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Food Matters. Learn How to Use Food for Healing and Health
Whether eating for healing and recovery or forming healthy habits, we provide nutrition counseling and targeted guidance to meet your individual needs. We provide the information, strategy and support you need to achieve optimal results, in managing your weight, lowering your risk of disease, expediting healing or maintaining and improving your overall health.

Health Supplements


The term “nutraceutical” – combines the word “nutrient” (a nourishing food or food component) with “ceuticals” (a range of products that are designed to work in or on the body) Nutraceuticals are dietary supplements, derived from food sources that provide extra health benefits.


You can do everything right – eat healthy foods, exercise, manage stress, get plenty of sleep, stop smoking and lose weight – and still not be getting everything you need nutritionally. In a landmark study by Donald Davis and his team of researchers from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Davis showed the average vegetable found in today’s supermarket is anywhere from 5% to 40% lower in minerals (including magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc) than those harvested just 50 years ago.

And that’s if you’re doing everything right. Most busy families today have a hard time sitting down to a healthy dinner every night and getting the sleep and exercise they need. Let’s face it; most of us are falling short of our goals.

That is where nutraceuticals come in. Nutraceutical supplements provide a point of intervention that we can easily integrate into our busy lifestyles. These are quick and easy to take and support our immune system and play vital roles in keeping us healthy.


Not all supplements are created equal. Wellness Balance uses and recommends LectroLife Health Supplements. We always recommend consulting your Physician before taking any supplements. These supplements are not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any conditions.

Pediatric Alternatives for Healthier Kids
By using pain-free, pharmaceutical-free integrative therapies, we offer treatments that reflect the convergence of ancient healing wisdom with current technologies of western medicine.
Pain-Free, Pharmaceutical-Free Immunity Boost
We use an integrative approach allowing clients in active traditional treatment for cancer to incorporate natural methods to reduce the body’s burden with pain-free, pharmaceutical-free therapies. As an RN, Kimberly works collaboratively with your doctor to create a supportive, nurturing environment for her clients that is complimentary to traditional medicine.
Don’t Just Kill the Bacteria, Get it Out
Detoxing is an essential part of your fight against Lyme Disease.  We use a natural, multi-therapy approach to ridding your body of the toxins, minimizing your body burden, strengthening your immune system and improving how you feel.

What Our Clients Say

“When my six year old daughter was diagnosed with Lyme, we took her to a Western-trained medical specialist for treatment. Her treatment consisted of multiple rounds of antibiotics and other medicines. The doctor made it clear that detox was an important part of the protocol in order for her to rid her body of the toxins. Thankfully, we knew Kimberly and had already started treatment with her for my daughter’s knee pain due to juvenile arthritis from the Lyme. If you’re experiencing joint or muscle pain, or have Lyme disease, I would highly recommend Kimberly and Wellness Balance! I wouldn’t trust my daughter to anyone else.”– Brenda Stoltz 


“As someone who typically uses traditional Western medicine, seeking a non-traditional form of treatment was a bit out of my comfort zone.  But when Western medicine was not able to offer much help when my son’s facial tics changed into a head bob, shoulder shrug and elbow flap, I decided it was time to seek intervention that did not involve traditional medicine.I heard of Kimberly through a friend, and immediately appreciated Kimberly’s detailed phone conversation before my son and I ever set foot in her office.  The office visit revealed a calm environment, and more time spent talking to me and my son to seek more information about our possible causes of the tic-ing. After receiving cold laser therapy, foot baths, essential oils and a supplement his tic-ing is much improved.  In addition to the treatments he is receiving, Kimberly has also worked with us to make slight changes to our diet.  Kimberly has assured us, it is more effective if it is gradual.   One of the reasons I was hesitant to go to a non-traditional practitioner was a fear about some radical life change we would have to make as a family.  So far we are taking things one step at a time and are seeing results from this experience.  The peace of mind that my son is improving is very comforting, as is the peace of mind that we are learning ways to be healthier.” -Erin Voorheis



Regenerating Brain Health
For generations, medical professionals and researchers asserted that once your brain and nervous system are developed, you can’t re-grow lost neurons or repair damaged ones. This meant that once the destruction is done – be it from injury, aging, eurological disease, heavy metals or other neurotoxins, chronic stress, or other factors — there’s no way to repair it. However, new research is turning this idea on its head, showing that there’s hope for those who struggle with neurological damage.

Natural Alternatives Therapies for Lyme disease
Stealth virus infections could be misdiagnosed as chronic Lyme disease. At ViralScore™ our detoxification clinics have been trained in providing body balance systems to reverse the label of chronic disease with holistic alternative approaches and are educated about Lyme disease and other chronic infections. Once a label is given, we use the body balance/ memory reset technique and neurotoxin release program to balance…

Understanding Lyme disease and Lyme disease as a causative factor in Cancer Links
Borrelia Burgdorferi, the causative bacteria in Lyme Disease, is capable of transforming into three distinct bacterial forms: spirochete, cell-walldeficient, and cyst. This transformation occurs for the purpose of bacterial survival andproliferation in the human body.

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