Ab Ream characterizes letter unfairly

December 29, 2017

Well now I really feel have to respond to Mr. Ream's characterization of my letter.

First off, it is clear he did not take the time to really read and understand what my main points were, so I will reiterate them. I never said the bumper sticker he saw could have been interpreted as anything other the mean-spirited. I see the same stickers from time to time, unfortunately. Read what I wrote carefully, Mr. Ream, before you go spouting off. Second, I never said anyone should give folks who are ignorant and hateful a "pass." That, sir, is an untruth, and you just told it. And another thing, you do not get to interpret or judge my choice of the word "yahoo." In my walk of life that is not a positive word, period. It is not funny, and it does not mean Gomer Pyle. You do not know me sir; don't pretend that you do.

However, it is clear from his response that he thinks that "hate" and "right-wing" are synonymous. Really? Well, I've got some bad news for him; I see as much hate and bigotry coming from left-wingers as I see from the far-right. The beauty of not being a card-carrying member of either political party is that I can call things as I see it. I don't have to fit my views into a partisan framework. If race and religious relations are indeed worse than one year ago, you can bet both the Right and the Left are equally culpable. Your theory that the Right is inexplicably more culpable for the woes of the nation is, as my favorite word goes, "baloney."

The thrust of my initial response a few weeks ago was that just because some people among us have a rather ignorant view of an entire worldwide religion because of the evil actions of a few, does not mean our society as a whole is accelerating into something dark and sinister. I see acts of kindness and empathy every day in my travels. I do see some negative behavior as well I'll admit, but that seems to be in the vast minority from the ground I cover here. I stand by every word I said, Mr. Ream, every single one.

In closing: If Mr. Ream would step out of his seemingly partisan world once in a while, he may learn that hate speech and bigotry know no political party, gender or religious belief. I wouldn't count on it, I'm afraid. I should frame his response to my initial letter as Exhibit "A" as to why the Democrat Party left me over a decade ago. Unfortunately, based on a plethora of things coming out of Washington, D.C. this year, I already have plenty of Exhibit "B's" as to why I'll never become a member of the Republican Party, and I don't even follow Twitter.

Brian Gillespie

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