Allen Harim getting a slap on the wrist

May 4, 2021

It’s pathetic how DNREC gets played by Allen Harim, Mountaire and any company they are supposed to be regulating on behalf of the health, safety and welfare of Delaware’s citizens.  As many members of the public pointed out at the hearings regarding Allen Harim’s proposed Millsboro operations, Allen Harim never intended to do anything about a serious wastewater treatment system at Millsboro and we won’t be surprised if there are many more years of their “rope-a-dope” strategy of stringing DNREC along while they fail to honor their commitments. 

DNREC should never have allowed them to open Millsboro operations until the wastewater treatment issues were resolved, and now years later they still haven’t even applied for permits to actually build a system, much less have one.  DNREC should shut them down and/or fine them $100,000 a day until they resolve the issues, not give them a minor fine and another year to plan a system.  We also know that DNREC usually waives the fines or reduces them to even less than the paltry fines they assess. 

Do they really think a $150,000 total fine for years of violations means anything to a multibillion-dollar Korean corporation?  DNREC talks a good game but its actual actions are pathetic, resulting in major pollution, health and safety injury to Delaware residents.  DNREC Secretary Garvin should be embarrassed to enter into an agreement that basically is an admission they have failed in their responsibilities for years, and that allows Allen Harim even more time to come up with a plan they should have implemented years ago.  

Can’t wait for the next administrative failure by DNREC that allows Allen Harim to string them along even longer.  EPA should never have delegated the permit authority to the states. 

Lew Podolske
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