Artisans' Bank turning 160

May 14, 2021

Artisans’ Bank will be marking a milestone in 2021, celebrating the institution’s 160th anniversary.

Artisans’ Bank was formed in 1861 by a group of 10 area businessmen who had the vision of creating a bank for local working people: the “Artisans.”

The founders of Artisans’ Bank endeavored to create a mutual bank, owned by its depositors, that gave back to the community it served. Each founder invested $4, and after charter costs and supplies, Artisans’ Bank was chartered in February 1861. It opened that April with working capital of $1.93.

Artisans’ Bank has thrived since 1861, growing steadily while remaining an independent financial institution focused on the community.

The bank began adding branches in 1959, and over time, products and services expanded to provide a full range of financial coverage for consumers, small businesses and commercial customers.

Today, 12 branch locations, and two commercial and consumer lending offices serve the community statewide.

As the bank grew, so did the headquarters. After operating for 147 years in downtown Wilmington, Artisans’ built a new corporate headquarters at 2961 Centerville Road in 2008.

Elizabeth D. Albano, the 12th president of Artisans’ Bank, said, “The occasion of our 160th anniversary causes me to pause and reflect upon my 30 years with the bank, a time during which I have seen Artisans’ continually advance to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the community at large. Our founders may not have been able to foresee what today’s market would look like 160 years ago, but the foundation they created of being a stable and trusted advisor to the community has proven to be timeless.”

As a mutual bank, Artisans’ continues the vision of its founders by remaining a strong, local institution that knows its customers, and works with them and for their benefit. Loans are approved in-house, and relationship managers work tirelessly to provide personalized guidance, services and financing solutions that work well for their clients.

“As we look toward the future, I am confident in our ability to continue to meet our customers’ needs. Artisans’ Bank’s associates, board of directors and I stand ready to rise to the occasion to work closely with and support our business owners and consumers,” said Albano. 

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