Athletes of the Week Nov. 3

November 3, 2017
Colin Craig

A junior cross country runner, Colin is confidently underwhelmed by his own accomplishments. Coach Matt Lindell: “For the first time all season and his career, Colin was in our varsity seven at the Sussex County Championships. He finished 18th, running an 18:41, which shattered his personal record by a minute. Colin is quiet; however, he shows up to practice every day ready to work, and his efforts are starting to pay dividends at the right time.” Colin is an honors student with a focus in math and science. He trains in the summer by going out and running around the neighborhood until he feels like stopping.

John DiStefano

“I’m a totally different person since I started running,” said John, a member of Cape’s cross country team. “I’m more self-confident and I have goals.” John joined the team late and ran a best time of 20:44. Coach Matt Lindell: “In one year, John has gone from the back in the pack to being our No. 2 or 3 man on the depth chart.” At last year's county meet, he finished 48th and ran 21:07. This year, he ran 17:35 to finish seventh. “His work ethic sets an example for others, and his drastic improvement is an important factor in the turnaround of our boys’ team this season,” said Lindell.

Taylor Johnson

A freshman, nicknamed Babe back in her short days, Taylor is now looking like a long and lean runner. She is an athlete with insight. “Running keeps me stable,” she said. “It’s a sport where you have the freedom to be yourself.” Coach Matt Lindell: “For a freshman running competitively for the first time, Taylor demonstrates the maturity and poise of a well-seasoned veteran. She is a goal-oriented individual who gets the most out of each workout. She is also the consummate team player, always encouraging teammates and stepping up to help the team, as she did with her performance on Tuesday.” Taylor has gone from a 25-minute 5K during a preseason time trial to running a 21:44 at the Sussex County Championships. With only three months of experience and already running in the 21s, Taylor's future trajectory is a positive one.

Yesenia Ramirez-Montano

Yesenia was the first female on the first Mariner cross country team four years ago. She surprised herself at the Sussex County Championships Oct. 31 by running a personal-best race of 21:29. Coach Matt Lindell: “Whether it is in the hallways to get from class to class or it is a warmup, workout or meet, Yesenia only has one speed, and it is fast. Her personal record on Tuesday is a major factor contributing to the girls' team win. Yesenia is a tough competitor, and she is one of the kindest and hardest-working student-athletes you will find walking the halls at Cape. Her grit and determination in overcoming adversity are inspiring as well.” She takes honors and AP classes and will be a first-generation college student in her family.