Atlantic Lacrosse girls chase dreams into spring break

Cape’s high school team serves as host
April 6, 2021

Colorful pastel children wearing pinks and purples tossed their lacrosse sticks before running over green Bermuda fields gathering plastic eggs filled with candy to drop in personalized bags. 

The annual Let’s Romp Into Easter celebration is an articulation between Atlantic Lacrosse and the Cape high school program.  

Young dads of daughters, Jeff and Steve Peet, coming from a baseball family – there is a family house in Cooperstown – laughed and said, “We don’t know anything about lacrosse besides our girls love it and Cape is always awesome. And so we are just going with it.” 

John Rishko was Captain Kangaroo for the activities, supplanting Steve Judge of Princeton Day School fame.

After the egg gathering and discovery of the precious prize-winning speckled eggs, the players were divided into two age groups. There was a long toss contest followed by shooting on goal and ending with a group photo.

The high school team warmed up for the afternoon with crazy improvisational relay races involving barrel rolling, karaoke and cartwheeling before sprinting from Champions Stadium to their own designated egg-gathering field. 

“There are things we are not doing because of COVID protocols,” said coach Lindsey Underwood. “We will not dress any Atlantic players before a high school game then introduce them with the rest of the team [like we usually do], but everyone is just so happy to be back out here celebrating the sport of lacrosse together.”


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