Attack on Bauer continues in Dewey

October 18, 2019

By now, most Dewey Beach residents and property owners are aware that I filed a lawsuit against Paul Bauer and the Town of Dewey Beach.

At this past week’s commissioners’ meeting, a resident and supporter of Bauer stood to make public comment on this fact and to ask for the commissioners to provide 10 years of records on what has been spent by the town on legal fees, settlements and other payouts resulting from legal action.

I want to say that I whole-heartedly support this call! Let’s hear about the cost of the mayor’s dust-up with Jeffrey Smith, and his statements thereto! Let’s hear what the bill is going to be for the police action in the so-called “horse punching.” We can go back as far as you’d like; I don’t mind.

But don’t worry, that kind of transparency isn’t happening with this mayor, I promise.

The fact is, in my case, Bauer gave false representations to gain advantage in an election that I believe he would have lost otherwise, but regardless, he violated the town charter intentionally, but now calls for civility? Good timing for him, I’d say!

Bauer claiming that his family is under attack is without any basis in fact, much like his claim that I’m suing over a typo. To be clear, if Bauer wants to start speaking truthfully, we’d all avoid this mess he has created. What else can we expect from a man that does not know his own address? Not brilliance or even responsibility, I assure you.

I ask reasonable people to consider if they have ever misstated their own address on an official form. No? Then that’s your answer. I don’t know if it is more charitable to say Bauer misled us all, or he can’t tell you where he lives, so I’ll let you decide.

In his closing remarks at that very commissioners’ meeting, Bauer called my legal pursuit of him disgusting.

I think intentionally deceiving the town he took an oath to is disgusting! He voted to approve the very town charter he violated so carelessly and wants us all to feel sorry for him, now that he’ll have enormous legal bills. Well, I don’t.

A long look in the mirror might allow him to see who caused his problems and if he does that, the face he sees won’t be mine.

Philip Rowe
commissioner candidate 2019, Dewey Beach


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