Bayhealth’s Dennis Hallock a devoted family man

August 9, 2022

With a passion driven by his deep devotion to caring for people, Dennis Hallock works as the supervisor over all the Bayhealth emergency and trauma centers.

He recognizes that hard work and commitment make a difference in the lives of others. This is a huge motivating factor in his daily work. “Occasionally, I spend more time here than at home, so Bayhealth is my second family. And family is so important to me,” said Hallock.

At Bayhealth, his emergency department teams experience a lot together. This bonds them and builds trust. Hallock makes a big impact, not only on his team but to the patients who come into their department to be treated. “Every day is different and there are always challenges, but I care about the well-being of others - that always pushes me to be better,” said Hallock.

There is no doubt that Dennis is a devoted family man. He highly values time at home with his family. He and his wife Nancy have been married for 28 years and have three sons, two granddaughters and one grandson. Their family also has a cat, a blue and gold macaw, a miniature pinscher and a German shepherd. They enjoy spending time bowling or having a movie night together as a family.

Balancing time between work and family is done with intentionality. And while it’s never easy, it is always a priority to Hallock, so he makes it happen. “Spending time with my family gives me the most joy,” he said. His joy and love overflow into other areas of his life as well.

For over 13 years, Hallock has chosen to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer for abused and neglected children. He recognizes the need for a stable, caring father figure in the lives of those children. And he finds a way to invest time to make a difference for them. “I just want others to see how much I truly care. I believe we need so much more of that in our society,” he said.

With his wonderful and giving heart to everyone in his life, whether at home, at work or anywhere in between, Hallock embodies Bayhealth’s values of compassion, accountability, respect, integrity and teamwork in all facets. We are proud to call him family.

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