Beach Walk will affect quality of life

December 30, 2016

In October, the Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission ruled unanimously that the proposed Beach Walk development was a major subdivision. At the Dec. 9 planning commission meeting the developer stated that the board’s decision was incorrect. The developer, Keith Monigle, said he will not submit a site plan that complies with the major subdivision ruling. Further, he insisted that the board review his earlier site plan. He reminded the board that he is the single biggest property owner in Rehoboth Beach. Mr. Monigle then proceeded to complain that the rents in the Rehoboth Beach Plaza were very low and he blamed this loss of revenue on the board’s dragging out the whole process on Beach Walk. However, anyone who has visited Rehoboth Beach Plaza would know why the rents are low. Given the condition of the building and the parking lot, he is fortunate to have any tenants. It is surprising that the buildings pass periodic fire and safety inspections.

Everyone know that Rehoboth Plaza will be redeveloped. Given its current condition, most people are in favor of redevelopment. The community groups and neighbors want the development to be safe, environmentally correct and not infringe on the rights of its neighbors and the City of Rehoboth.

Chairman Mellen of the Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission has scheduled another hearing on the Beach Walk project (Rehoboth Beach Plaza) at 2:30, Friday, Jan. 13. The commission is under pressure from the developer and his attorney to review his nonconforming major subdivision site plan.

The Beach Walk development will affect the quality of life and property values in all of Rehoboth Beach. Let Mr. Mellen and the members of the planning commission know you want Beach Walk be a source of pride for the city. Again, the meeting is at the Rehoboth Beach Fire Hall, second floor. If you care about the impact of the development you need to express your views and attend the next meeting.

Tom and Linda Delany
Rehoboth Beach

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