BeachWalk a travesty as proposed

January 19, 2018

BeachWalk, the proposed condominium redevelopment for the aged Bay Mart shopping center, will be the death knell for the small-town, neighborly feel of Rehoboth Beach, and will put resources and the public at risk. Sixty-three mini hotels sandwiched on minuscule lots situated along "drive aisles" half the width of streets constitute a large-scale rental venture, not a neighborhood.

The developer claims the project is exempt from city code related to subdivision that has been carefully honed over the years to preserve the unique character and high quality of life of Rehoboth Beach. The sheer number of massive dwellings, occupants, and vehicles will not only destroy the area aesthetically, but will also impede access by emergency vehicles, create serious traffic congestion and parking issues, and threaten the health, safety and well-being of residents, drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and nearby neighborhoods.

I urge the mayor and city commissioners to uphold the decision of the planning commission: BeachWalk is a major subdivision and the developer must submit a subdivision application to proceed.

M. A. Seidel
Rehoboth Beach


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