Beebe announces $10 million gift for expansion

July 21, 2017

Beebe Healthcare announced July 21 it has received a gift of $10 million from the Ma-Ran Foundation. Officials say, in honor of the gift, the largest in Beebe history, the new four-story hospital wing in Lewes will be called the Margaret H. Rollins Pavilion.

The gift will jump start Beebe’s fundraising campaign for its new $180 million expansion, with the $82 million pavilion as its centerpiece.

“What I have seen in my four years here is that people truly want to support Beebe. They want to invest in Beebe,” said Judy Aliquo, president and CEO of the Beebe Medical Foundation. “I think this gift really helps confirm that and I think it will inspire others to invest in Beebe.”

Margaret “Peggy” Rollins and her husband Randall previous donated $3 million to Beebe for the construction of the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing, which was completed in 2015.

In June, Beebe officials unveiled a new expansion plan, which will see the construction of the new pavilion at its Savannah Road campus in Lewes, a new inpatient surgery center at its Route 24 campus and the construction of a satellite Tunnell Cancer Center in Millville. 

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