Beebe celebrates 15 years offering specialized dialysis therapy

March 14, 2019

This month, Beebe Healthcare celebrates its 15th year offering continuous renal replacement therapy. The program was developed by Jose Saez, DO, a nephrologist on Beebe’s medical staff.

CRRT is a form of dialysis used for critically ill patients who are unable to tolerate regular dialysis. Rather than taking place over a four-hour period, as a standard hemodialysis procedure does, CRRT is delivered at a slow, continuous rate, 24 hours per day. CRRT is typically used as a temporary measure until patients are well enough to withstand regular dialysis, or until they no longer need dialysis.

CRRT is delivered by intensive care unit staff, who set up the equipment at the patient’s bedside. Dialysis staff are available to answer any questions that may arise and provide assistance as needed.

Prior to CRRT being offered at Beebe, patients had to be transferred to a hospital outside Sussex County if they needed this therapy.

“There are so many patients who’ve received this therapy who have made a full recovery,” said Saez. “It’s really been a benefit to Beebe and to the community, as it supports other programs within the hospital and allows patients to remain closer to home to receive the treatment they need.”