Beveridge’s column offered excellent points

December 26, 2017

The Beveridge column, dated Dec. 12, ( was spot-on. It made some excellent points, which should be accepted as common sense. Unfortunately however, common sense has become all too uncommon these days. If Mr. Beveridge seemed to be “fault finding,” as one critic suggested, it is only because there is so much fault to find among many educators, psychologists and liberal politicians regarding the issue of transgenderism.

“Choose whatever sex/gender you want to be.” That is what children are being told by some school officials, and even by some misinformed and misguided parents. “Ignore the reality of your genetics, and your obvious physical characteristics. You can self-identify as anything you want.” Gender? You choose! Race? You choose! This is insanity, folks. Why not also encourage people to “choose” whatever species they want to “self-identify” as being?

Here is the simple truth. If someone “believes” themselves to be something that is contrary to reality, they are delusional. If one were to proclaim oneself to be a Bengal tiger, would that make it true? Of course not! It would be an irrational delusion. Such a person would, undoubtedly, be offered psychological help to escape such a delusion, and to accept that they were, in fact, a human being.

Now, instead of aiding and abetting “gender confused” students in their irrational and delusional thinking, shouldn’t responsible adults likewise, choose to exercise common sense, and true compassion, and act to help these people to accept the reality of their true genetic, and physical, sexual/gender identities?

Rather than be pandered to, shouldn’t they too be offered counseling and support aimed at helping them to embrace reality, and accept themselves for who they really are? I suggest that this would be the best, and most logical course of treatment, and that it would be the most beneficial, both for the deluded individual, and for society.

Lawrence McSwain

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