Bicyclist defends mask wearing position

July 27, 2020

It is regrettable when ad hominem attacks are used to respond to a serious comment. I raised the issue of requiring cyclists to wear masks because it makes no sense to burden exercising cyclists with the need to wear a mask. My critics (Andrew L Herrick, Molly Pauker and Willie Schatz and other readers if interested) should visit the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy’s website ( for a reasonable discussion of the merits of mask wearing. In short, physical distancing is the best protection according to UMCID. As a cyclist I am usually physically distant from pedestrians on sidewalks. I even grudgingly wear masks when required to do so indoors.

To paraphrase a brilliant man, Dr. Michael Savage - the virus is 20 microns in size. The mesh on a mask is typically 400 microns in size. That’s like trying to keep out mosquitos with a chainlink fence.

Please stop the hysteria.

Henry Weissenberger
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